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Once in a while, I go through a reading dry spell. Usually, I can't stop reading, and people have to pull me away from a book! I think that during summer, I read just over 30 books! During this period, I developed a love for Agatha Christie and her detective Hercule Poirot. I think, perhaps, I'll write a blog post recommending the best Agatha Christie books I've read in the near future, they were amazing to read and whole-heartedly ! Anyway, I digress. I went to Amazon and was looking at books that I think I could get back into. I just finished reading Eleanor and Park, a YA Novel, which I usually do not enjoy. However, in this case, I couldn't put the book down! It was truly a gorgeous book about raw, romantic, awkward, consuming teenage love (but can trigger issues such as domestic abuse).

These are the books that were delivered to me:

Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest

Sali knows what's she's talking about, so it's no wonder the book is a beauty blogger's favourite. I thought I should get it as I've seen it pop up on a lot of bloggers' posts. I've quickly flicked through a few chapters and love the advice she's given! I'd recommend it for beauty advice that isn't boring, but sassy and funny! The introduction is charming and really appealed to me when I was browsing through Amazon. Buy here for £11 for a hardback and and £9.15 on Kindle. (For such a measly price difference, I'd recommend the hardback, isn't it gorgeous?!)

Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright: Much-Loved Poems You Half-Remember - Ana Sampson

I've always loved poetry but hardly seem to actually read any, which is such a shame! I saw this pop up on Amazon and thought I should give it a try. I read Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright when I was younger and fell in love with it, but hardly remember it! It's a gorgeous purchase that's in beautiful hardback edition, and doesn't break the bank. Sit back, brew a hot beverage and drink in the gorgeous words that are written in this book. You can get it here for £7.99.

My True Love Gave to Me - Edited by Stephanie Perkins (Various Authors)

Although this is a collection of YA stories, it still appealed to me. The cover is gorgeous. It's a vibrant pale blue, with pink pages on the side. It's simply beautiful and comes with a ribbon bookmark. I've only read the first story, written by Rainbow Rowell - the author of Eleanor and Park. It was a sweet, heart-warming short story and I'm sure the rest will be just as great! The description of the collection says that these stories will "warm you up in the Winter" and I completely agree. I read them when I'm feeling a bit bored, or on a break from uni work and don't really want to get into a bigger book. It's a lovely, simple, gorgeous little book that will make a great gift. The price is amazing too! You can get it herefor £7.69.

The Summer Queen - Elizabeth Chadwick

I fancied reading a historical fiction book and luckily came across this gem on Amazon. It's about Eleanor (or Aelinor in the book, as that is what she would've called herself) of Aquitaine, a prominent figure and powerful woman of the High Middle Ages. Although I just said, "woman" she is a 13-year-old girl at the beginning of the novel. The novel actually extends into a trilogy (I don't think the third book is out yet), the next being The Winter Crown.

Similar to the books above, the cover is beautiful! I'm a sucker for a nice cover, it makes the book much nicer to read somehow. I've only read a few chapters, but I already love this book. I love Eleanor and how simulatenously strong and weak she is. She's strong when she's forced to marry Prince Louis (don't worry, it's in the blurb!) and accepts her role in uniting Aquitaine and France. She realises that she cannot get out of this, and approaches the situation with a strong attitude. She doesn't falter, she just gets on with it. I admire that about 13-year-old Aelinor. If I look back to when I was 13, I was a moaning, groaning little brat! So I really respect her here. However, in contrast, as she is still young, she still relies on her father and is broken when he dies (again, in the blurb!). She's a fascinating character, and I already feel like I know Aelinor, even though I'm only partially into the book. You can get it here for £5.24.

What are you reading at the moment?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I was in Waterstones the other day and nearly bought My True Love Gave To Me but didn't cos I have SO many books already to read! Let us know how you like it :) I'm reading Mindy Kaling - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) at the mo, shes hilarious! xx

    1. I do really like it! I'll tell you how it is once I read a few more! :) Oh, I might read that! I love Mindy Kaling :) xxx

  2. Ahh these all sound so good! I'm just reading uni stuff atm and don't have time for anything else even though I have a long list of books waiting for me to devour them!
    These are apart of my list now! Thank you!


    1. I feel you! I just had an essay and a presentation to do, so I'm liking getting back into reading!

      No problem :) xxx

  3. I really need to pick up another good book - perhaps one of these will be my new "baby." Thanks for sharing :)


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