Nars Fall Collection: Lip Pencil in Mandore


Hello everyone!

I seem to be the same colour as the wall...

I've been lusting after this beauty for about a month now! After staring at it on both my computer and phone screens, I realised I needed to finally buy it. So I did! The package was waiting for me after I arrived home from coming back from my parents. I ripped the box open in joy!

At £18, it's quite expensive. But as you can see, it's quite a big pencil, and you hardly need to use any to colour your lip. The colour is a deep, autumnal red that's perfect for this reason!

Swatch with flash

Swatch without flash.. Oops my antibiotics are in this picture!

Gorgeous isn't it?! I was worried that I wouldn't like it after it cost so much. I knew I loved it from the first stroke of colour on my lips. It went on smoothly and gorgeously, I've never had anything feel like that on my lips, not even lip balm! I have dry lips, which is why I didn't go for matte shade - and I feel this satin finish matches my lips perfectly. It's not too sticky or shiny, but doesn't dry on the lips. It truly is gorgeous, and worth the price tag!

It also really goes well with my new D&G Glasses!

Thanks for reading!


  1. The color is so pretty an suits you so much Amy :)

  2. I really want one of these pencils as they look amazing. This colour really suits you and looks soooo chic with those glasses :-) Beautiful girlll xxxx

    Love Charlotte xxxx

    1. I've been lusting after it for a while... When I get some more money, I might buy some more! They're gorgeous! And thank you so much! I fell in love with these glasses, they're gorgeous! xx

  3. I'm amazed you waited a month for it - dedication! Looks great with your glasses! xxx cottonandcandie

    1. I know right?! Usually I buy it as soon as I want it.. I'm terrible! And thank you! :) xx

  4. such a beautiful colour !


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