NSPA Complete Treatment Masks Review


Due to other beauty bloggers, I came across the brand NSPA. People love how fresh and cleansing they are, so I thought I'd try something of theirs out! I've got enough cleansers and washes, so I decided to use one of their masks: the Complete Treatment Masks. It contains 3 Cloth Face Masks and 2 Eye Masks and the whole of the NSPA range is only available at Asda in the UK (I think Walmart does them in the US).

Picture from the NSPA website

The Face Masks

The fact that these are cloth masks kind of weirded me out! I'm used to thick, creamy masks and thought I should try something different. Although I look a bit like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs when I put the facial mask on, (my boyfriend was scared!) it was lovely and refreshing. It was cooling, rejuvenating and fresh. I let it sit on my face for 10 minutes and had a little nap; after a stressful day of calling customer services, then having to lug all the shopping up and down the stairs 6 times with a painful foot. After all this, and the stress of doing my presentation at uni next week, this mask really calmed me down. It was nice sitting there relaxing and I felt revived.

After I took it off, my skin looked mildly brighter and was soooo smooth! It definitely made an improvement. I'm sad that I only have two more after this, because I won't be ordering from Asda again - they didn't deliver my shopping so I cancelled it after 15 phone calls, and then they turned up 24 hours later whilst I was at uni. Sigh.

The Eye Masks

You have to leave this cloth masks on for 3-5 minutes and let them work their magic. It's supposed to improve dark circles, but I found no difference whatsoever. It felt mildly refreshing whilst I had them on, but not as nice as the face masks. I simply didn't like these very much - I found them a bit pointless.


Overall, I think the set is worth buying since the face masks are gorgeous luxuries that de-stress and brighten skin. They are magnificent if you're feeling overworked and/or tired! However, I don't think the eye masks are necessary: I would rather have two more face masks! You can buy them here or with your Asda grocery shop for a measly £4 at the moment, as opposed to the normal price of £6.

Have you tried anything from NSPA? What's your favourite face mask?

Thanks for reading!

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