Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Concealer Review


Phew! What a long title. I have to say, I was excited for this to come in the post. It came along with the CC Cream used for the entire face, of which I will review later.

The concealer pen looks like this:
Oh my god my hair gets everywhere, sorry for the strand of hair ruining the photo! As you can see, the concealer comes out at the top through a tube. Although it may look like you can just use it to 'draw' the concealer on your face, you can't. The clear part is hard and rough and drags along the face; it's best to get some on your finger or a brush and apply it that way.

I was searching for an everyday concealer, as the concealers I use at the moment are both high-end (Benefit's Boi-ing and Erase Paste) and thus quite expensive. I was looking for a new concealer to wear to uni so I didn't keep using expensive concealer and save it for days and nights out or when I see Dan's family!

However, I was disappointed with this one. Coverage was average and I found it too drying on my skin. On reflection, I wasn't wearing eye cream at the time, just moisturiser, so it might change if I use eye cream.

BLEEEEEH! Those dark circles. This is me before using the concealer.

This is me after concealer!

Ahem, please excuse my ugly eyebrows, I'm growing them out so I can get them waxed at a Benefit counter when I go home as, somehow, they don't have any in Canterbury?! We have both a Debenhams and a Fenwick and neither offer a Benefit Beauty Bar. :( I'm so sad.

Anyway! It did cancel out some of my dark circles, but I still found it drying when I applied it.

Have you tried this/the CC Cream? How do you feel about it?

Thanks for reading!

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