Lush's Fair Trade Foot Lotion Review


It's no secret that I love Lush's products. When I went in-store for my Lush haul the other day, I decided to buy their foot lotion - my normal foot overnight lotion didn't work at all, and decided to opt for Lush's gorgeous looking lotion instead.

The tub is quite expensive at £9.25, but you get 225g of lotion, and it's amazing at how little you have to use to smother your foot.

If I have a day off uni, I use this in the morning and put some socks on, and apply again at night. I've been using this for a few days now and already feel an improvement! Hard, calloused skin feels softer and smoother and my whole foot feels better - I suffer from cracked heels and callouses :(. I also have a weird dry patch on my big toe, and it's been reducing that effectively! 

The truth is, it's not going to work amazingly overnight, you have to be dedicated and apply it a few times before noticing any significant. However, this is fine by me! It's lovely to rub in, and means I can ask for a few cheeky foot rubs from my boyfriend (sorry Dan!). 

The lotion itself is a gorgeous bubblegum pink as pictured (my camera was playing up, it would only take the picture when the lotion sat on my laptop!): 

It smells like peppermint mixed in with.. other things. I can't describe it! It isn't as minty-smelling as other foot lotions or creams, and smells a bit weird, but it doesn't smell bad! It isn't as amazing-smelling as other Lush products, but it's not rancid!

What foot lotions/foot care products do you use? I'd love to hear!



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