Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel / Massage Bar


As Christmas-related merchandise have started hitting the shelves, I decided to rush down to Lush to pick up the wonderful-smelling seasonal shower gel, Snowfairy, and it's companion - the Snow Fairy massage shimmer bar.

First, I'll start my review of Snow Fairy, which looks like this:

As you can see, it's a beautiful, bright, bubblegum pink. The quality and smell of the gel match the beauty of its aesthetics. It smells like candyfloss and everything that's right with the world. It's gorgeous, and I'm tempted to buy another bottle to last me the year. At £11.95 per 500g, it's quite expensive, but you can get smaller sizes and it's honestly so worth it! It lasts a long time and leave you and your bathroom smelling gorgeous. It lathers well and doesn't dry out the skin. Despite the pink appearance, it's a great gift anyone, even men, who love sweets! I have bought it as a Christmas present for my dad, who spent 5 minutes in the Lush store smelling it and saying 'mmmmmm' and my boyfriend shares my current bottle with me.

As I love this shower gel an incredible amount, I decided to purchase the Snow Fairy massage bar. I was less pleased with this purchase, despite its wonderful, matched, smell. Although it moisturised well, my skin didn't absorb the majority of it and despite the shimmer looking beautiful, I managed to make my bed and boyfriend (sorry, Dan) all glittery - as it transferred even after a few hours.  If you don't mind the transference of shimmer - then I would recommend this! If you don't think you can handle this, then I wouldn't bother.

//Images obtained from Lush//

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