What I Love About Autumn


Some people prefer hot, summer months to the chilly autumnal season. I am one of the few who happens to enjoy the colder months and find them comforting (although getting out of bed is harder than ever!). I've compiled a list of why I enjoy Autumn so much, because it's just that great!



I absolutely love wrapping up in jumpers and cardigans in the winter. I feel cosy and contented; I feel its better being wrapped up and warm in the colder months than being hot in summer, whilst my makeup slides off and air conditioning doesn't seem to exist!

In addition, I love to wrap up in cute and adorable jumpers like this one:
Source/Buy From: boohoo
Look how cute and cosy it is!


As you most probably know, I love my tea! During the colder months, I like to curl up with a hot cup of tea even more than I usually do (that's a lot). I also finally bring out my Chai Tea teabags, and indulge myself in the spicy, warming, gorgeous taste and its beautiful scent.



I really love cuddling up with people, especially during the colder months (soooooo cosy)! Dan and I like to take the duvet with us into the living room and watch Doctor Who on the sofa under the covers, it's a wonderful atmosphere and makes me feel secure and snuggly!
(A bonus for me is if I have tea and cuddles)!

It's also lovely curling up with someone and watching Disney movies! My all time favourite Disney movie is Hercules, I know every single word of the script because of how many times I've watched it both as a child and teenager... sad, I know. 


Fluffy Socks

I'm a sucker for fluffy socks. I suffer from Reynaud's Syndrome (information here), where my circulation isn't as good as others people's and my fingers and toes tend to swell up and get really cold. So in the colder months, keeping my extremities warm is a necessity. Fluffy socks are something I can't live without, as even when it's quite warm, I get cold and swollen feet!

My current favourite are these Boofle socks, that I got from Dan with a Boofle Girlfriend Mug!

Source/Buy. Who doesn't love Boofle?!

Autumnal Colours

I've never really experimented with seasons and their corresponding colours, but I really want to experiment with lip colours and perhaps try some berry tones. My current NEED is Nars' Mandore Lip Pencil (which is out of stock on Look Fantastic, grrr):

Source. (out of stock)

Words cannot explain how much I need this lip pencil.

Anyway, that about concludes my list, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Do you prefer colder or warmer months and why?



Thanks for reading!


  1. i really want to try that lip pencil as well!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram

    1. Gorgeous isn't it?! If it ever goes back in stock on lookfantastic, it's MINE!


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